Concept • Design • Editing • Interactive Programming • Content Integration • Installation
The Nuyumbalees Cultural Center knew about our expertise in touchscreen technology and were looking for a way to expand their outreach capacity outside of opening hours and the in-house exhibition.  
We developed the concept of creating an outdoor touchscreen that would extend access to historical knowledge for visitors and the community.
The touchscreen is located in a native plant garden looking out across the ocean.  It is framed by the Ah Wah Qwa Dzas - a place to relax and tell stories, surrounded by outdoor seating.  With the touch of the screen, visitors watch short films featuring stories from community elders, learn about the fishing industry, scroll through a slideshow of historical photographs, or orient themselves on the interactive village map.
We collaborated with Ocean Pacific Marine to source the materials for the touchscreen enclosure.  The installation is weatherproof and withstands the ambient sea spray as well as pouring rain.