Laxgalts'ap  – Birthplace of the Gitga’at people

An immersive presentation of and eco-cultural landscape and its history

Project Development • Videography • Photography • Post-Production • Website & Touch screen Concept • Design • Implementation
The people of Gitga’at Nation in Northern British Columbia have a deep physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to their ancestral lands.
To ensure the continuity of this connection is fundamental to their cultural survival, supporting rights and title claims, and their unique relationship with the land they come from.
We are assisting the Gitga’at Nation in sharing much of their undocumented oral history and their life experiences from ”Old Town”, or Laxgalts'ap – the birthplace of the Gitga’ata, and the ancestral village where they lived for thousands of years.
We are interweaving stories, memories, language elements, and scientific findings with landscape imagery in a virtual tour for a web and touch screen presentation. The goal is to create a lasting archive for current and future generations to experience and reference. Through the website the Canadian public will get a rare chance to explore and witness the intricate relationship that the Gitga’at People have developed and maintained over the millennia.
The anticipated publication date is in 2022.