Concept • Design • Content Development • High-Resolution Photography • Videography • Post-Production • Programming • Installation
Every year, countless visitors come to the Quinsam River Hatchery to witness the thousands of salmon returning to the river to spawn.
As one of Canada’s largest salmon rearing facilities, the Quinsam River Hatchery had an opportunity to provide educational content to encourage the discovery of salmon species and their ecosystems.
They came to us with the vision of creating a family-friendly exhibition that was interactive and fascinating for all ages.  In particular, we faced the challenge of limited floor space in an unstaffed facility.
Set against a backdrop of high-resolution underwater panoramas, the centre now offers an immersive environment to explore the world from a salmon’s perspective: by listening to the underwater sounds from the river, watching a short documentary, and by touching 3D models that let visitors feel the morphological changes that salmon undergo, as they journey from the ocean back to their spawning grounds.
Using our rugged, custom-designed video microscope, guests closely examine the insect larvae that salmon feed on and share what they see on a high definition screen.